About the band
MBB for hire
We are the Millionaire Beach Bums! We are four San Diego kids, ages 13-16, that started playing gigs together in 2013 when we discovered we all shared a love of surf music. 

Even with almost 50 shows under our belt in 2015, we were focused on producing our first CD. Our debut album, titled Shorebreak, is a selection of our original surf songs and a couple of our favorite covers. Shorebreak is reminiscent of traditional 60's instro surf tunes, yet it has a progressive surf sound with influences from modern day rock and classic blues. The CD is available on iTunes, Amazon and here on our website. You can also stream Shorebreak on Spotify and Pandora. We're working on our next CD which is inspired by the surf influences in our souls, but with the addition of vocals it produces a timeless vibe that is rooted in tradition with a flare for the modern. 

Check out our Gigs page so you don't miss us performing at our favorite venues, such as the House of Blues, LeStat's and Soma. Leave us a review, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or book us for your next event!
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